Sight Glass Oil Pan - Vespa GTS 300 HPE - BLACK

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Manufactured by Buchsenfuchs using genuine Piaggio oil pans.

To check the oil level in standard four-stroke PIAGGIO engines takes a procedure similar to that of a car! Turn the engine off and wait to let the oil settle, while parked on the centre stand. Then unscrew the filler cap/dipstick and wipe it clean. Then replace it and remove it again to be presented with an approximate measurement intended to let you then decide whether extra oil is needed, or not. This guesstimate has been eliminated on most modern motorcycles by the use of an oil-sight glass. This solution allows the gearbox oil to be quickly and easily checked, without the need for dipsticks, oily rags and so on... 

Seeing this answer to the problem, the team at Buchsenfuchs were inspired to transfer this helpful technology to our beloved Vespas! They first take the original sump and CNC machine it to accept a suitably positioned oil-sight glass. Once fitted, only a short glance is necessary to be informed of the current oil level in the gearbox, making the whole dipstick procedure unnecessary. Once the scooter has been put on its centre stand on a completely level surface, just a slight gradient can make the difference between MIN and MAX, a quick look and you know immediately if extra oil is required!


Note: Original Silver Finish Available Here


Fits the following for the US Market:

  • Vespa GTS/GTV 300 HPE 2019 +