RB-500 Matte Black Jet Helmet - Specialty

RB-500 Matte Black Jet Helmet - Specialty

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Redbike RB-500 Jet Helmet

Black shell with black neck piece, the RB-500 is a classic jet helmet from Redbike.



  • Made of fiberglass
  • Black textile lining
  • With neck piece
  • Closure system: push-button lock
  • Sizes: S - XXL

Manufacturer's Note:

  • This helmet does not correspond to the ECE or DOT standard. The use in public traffic happens therefore on own danger. For possibly arising damage by inappropriate handling importer and retailers cannot be made liable.


Pleased be advised: These helmets are imported from outside of the United Sates and have not been DOT certified or subjected to any other US standard homologation. In the state of Florida, to legally wear these helmets, you must carry adequate insurance as to not require a DOT certified helmet. For all other states, please research your own state laws.

There are absolutely no exchanges or returns on specialty helmets.