Light Switch Copper Monkey for Vespa & Piaggio

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Multifunctional light switch with light-off and light-honk function.


As soon as the engine is started, the headlights come on. The option to switch off the light is missing. PIAGGIO also does not have a headlight flasher function. The designer and manufacturer COPPER MONKEY has taken on these small features and produced a multifunctional light switch that meets all needs.

What are the advantages of the light switch?

  • Functions: Headlight flasher / High beam / Low beam / Light off.
  • Easy to mount
  • Plug & Play

The light switch from COPPER MONKEY has two more functions in addition to the already standard dipped and main beam functions. With the light switch, the main light can be switched off completely and with its main function, there's finally a light switch with which you can also have a classic headlight flasher again. The installation of the light switch is very simple: take out the old light switch, put in the new one, plug it in and you're done. To change the light switch, however, it is advisable to remove the front/rear handlebar fairing.

 Fits: ET2, ET4, LX, S, GT, GTS & many Piaggio