Bandit Premium Matte Red 3/4 Jet Helmet - Specialty

Bandit Premium Matte Red 3/4 Jet Helmet - Specialty

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The one with the small Shell. Doesn't look as stupid as most others. 950 Grams only. Snuggly Fabric Inside, Fibre-Glas Shell and with Quick-Lock. Comes with visor.



  • soft inner lining
  • fiber glass shell
  • quick-lock
  • comes with sun peak


Manufacturer's Note:

  • Approved for German road use, not ECE or DOT approved



    Pleased be advised: These helmets are imported from outside of the United Sates and have not been DOT certified or subjected to any other US standard homologation. In the state of Florida, to legally wear these helmets, you must carry adequate insurance as to not require a DOT certified helmet. For all other states, please research your own state laws. There are absolutely no exchanges or returns on specialty helmets.